npTool plugin

About this plugin

This plugin is designed to be useful for you at designtime, that is, not when your publications run, but when you work on your publications under the NeoBook IDE. The plugin put a tray icon and menu visible when you run the NeoBook program.

Favorite folders, Characters map, Search engines, Clipboard viewer, Compilation BAT, Screen color picker, NeoBook code vault,... this utilities are availables to you not only from the NeoBook Window, but in a system wide way, using the customizables hotkeys.


This plugin are imposible without the aid of this people:

Thanks a lot!

Utilities index

Favorite folders

All your NeoBook related (and more) favorite folders at your service. By default the plugin put on the list certain NeoBook and NeoPlugins related folders, and you can add whatever you want to the list, in order to be available. Use the appropiate hotkey (you can customize from the plugin options) to show the favorite folders dialog, select your desired folder and press the ENTER key to open it and close the favorite folders dialog automatically. Use the favorite folders list context menu in order to add, edit or delete your favorite folders.


Characters map

Use the characters map to find the appropiate character or symbol that you can need. Set the characters map font, optionally specify a Unicode filter, choose your desired character and then use the characters map context menu or the "CTRL + C" shorcut in order to copy the selected char into the Windows Clipboard.


Search engines

The search engines dialog provide you an easy way to search over certain NeoBook related sites, like the NeoBook support forum, the NeoBook resource center, the NeoPlugins support forum and more. Just invoque this dialog with the appropiate hotkey, write your search query and press the ENTER key in order to launch the appropiate URL into the default system web browser.


Clipboard viewer

The Clipboard viewer dialog show you the content of the Windows Clipboard. Like other utilities dialogs you can maintain this open in order to view the most recent Clipboard content, because the Clipboard is monitoring in order to atomatically show their latest content.


Compilation BAT

This utility prepare a BAT file with the needed code to compile, run and then open with NeoBook the opened publication. Just press this utility hotkey or select it from the plugin tray icon menu in order to choose the directory in which the BAT file must be saved. By default the BAT file is saved in the same directory that the opened publication, and with the same name. Since this utilitiy need an open publication on NeoBook, are not available if no publication is open.


Screen color picker

Wanted for an screen color? Invoque this utility and the appropiate dialog show to you the color under your mouse cursor. When you got the color, press the appropiate hotkey (you can customize it from the plugin options) in order to copy into the Clipboard the "SetObjectFill" NeoBook action prototype, with the selected color (in the NeoBook format) ready to be use.


Select screen area

Use this utility in order to obtain a bitmap of a screen selection area. Launch the utility and select the area you want to shot. Move the mouse to select the area you wanted, click in order to prepare the screen selection. Then press ENTER or CTRL + Left Click to save the bitmap, or ESCAPE to cancel the task.


NeoBook code vault

This utility allow you to save under your NeoPlugins\npTool user documents directory the NeoBook code that you want. Not only functions, but every piece of code can be saved on files. You can use the native NeoBook editor in order to write or edit this pieces of code, so the complete NeoBook code highlighter is available, including all the installed plugins. From this utility dialog you can add, edit or delete pieces of code, refresh and browse the code files folder.


NeoBook objects vault

This utility allow you to save under your NeoPlugins\npTool user documents directory the NeoBook objects definitions that you want. Simple copy some NeoBook objects to the clipboard and open this utility using the tray icon menu or the appropiate hotkey, then use the NeoBook objects vault list context menu and click the "Add" item. That's all: choose a name to the objects definitions and this are saved.

In any other moment, when you need a previously saved NeoBook objects definition, open this utility dialog from the tray icon menu or the appropiate hotkey, select from the NeoBook objects vault list your desired objects definitions and press ENTER or double click the list item: the plugin automatically copy the associated NeoBook objects definition to the clipboard, in order to be available to paste on your publication.


Get a GUID string

Run this utility in order to copy to the clipboard a new GUID (Global Unique Identifier). Just select the appropiate icon tray menu item or press the utility hotkey combination. The plugin show you a hint inform that the GUID are copied to the clipboard.


NeoBook variables

Use this utility to view a list of publication used variables (you need a publication opened to use this utility). The you can filter the variables list in order to choose what you wanted and copy it to the clipboard.


Publication autosave

This utility allows you to set an interval in which the plugin autosave your publication. Note this utility only work if NeoBook have is in foreground and you are view the main IDE window.


Edit plugin options

Not exactly an utility, but from the plugin options dialog you can specify certain plugin and utilities options, like the wide system hotkeys that you can use in order to access to the differents plugin utilities and features. Open the plugin options dialog and set your desired changes in order to be availables just in time.