When we start to develop our DecSoft App Builder at the beginning of 2015 we need to choose a good JavaScript framework for your apps, and, in that days the preferred framework was AngularJS. Powered by Google, AngularJS appears to us the best JavaScript framework to develop Single Page Apps, and therefore, that was our choice for the apps which you can create with the help of our DecSoft App Builder.

Not too much time after, Google decide to abandoned the development of AngularJS, move on to a new "Angular", completely incompatible with AngularJS. You can imagine our pocker face: as beloved users of Microsoft Windows, one of the things that we love of this operating system, is the capability to maintain the compatibility: you can run a well developed MS-DOS program in Windows 11 without any pain, and, this is an absolutely benefit for the Windows users, we think. Don't you agree? Note that MS-DOS was launch in 1981, near to 41 years ago!

Almost ending 2019 we decide to move on and write from scratch the current generation of DecSoft App Builder. We know (and understand) that not all our customers understand why we move on, but, we want the best for our customers, and, therefore we don't want that the DecSoft App Builder generated apps using the abandoned AngularJS framework. In fact AngularJS works well today, and, we continue maintaining the previous generation of DecSoft App Builder specially for some customers and their apps, so, why invest the work and the time that we dedicated to the new generation of DecSoft App Builder?

We decided to start from scratch, and we put our best in the current generation of DecSoft App Builder, which, beyond than the chooses JavaScript framework, offers to our customers a better integrated development environment, and, incorporate a lot of enhancements compared with the previous generation: visual apps translations, apps resources, the concept of "frames" (to reuse code and components in various app views), and, well, a lot of other changes and enhancements, which after a lot of hard work, we are happy to offer to our appreciated customers.

For the new generation of DecSoft App Builder (the current one) we start to use the VueJS library as our preferred framework. VueJS is without doubt one of the best JavaScript libraries in the world, and, again, we want the best for our customers, so, we are happy to choose VueJS for the apps that you can create with our DecSoft App Builder. We start with the branch 2.x of VueJS, and, today is still well supported, in fact, as you probably know, we are using the latest version of the branch 2.x of VueJS in our product, which has been released less than a week ago.

Today, October 21st 2022, we are happy to announce another great step in our DecSoft App Builder and therefore for the apps which you can create with this product. Today we release a new version of the product, which start to use the latest version of the branch 3.x of the VueJS framework. And, after a hard work, we do it maintaining the compatibility with the previous release of the product, that is, you can simply compile your app again and you will get the benefits of the very latest version of VueJS 3.x. Your apps will be even faster (and believe me, VueJS 2.x is fast!) and with all the benefits that the branch 3.x of VueJS can offer to us.

Why so many efforts? We told you! Because we want all the best for you! In fact your DecSoft App Builder apps will use the very latest releases of all the third party code which are included: the lastest VueJS, but also the latest Bootstrap CSS, the latest jQuery, the latest Font Awesome and the same for all the other third party code that DecSoft App Builder provided to you and your apps. So today is a happy day to us, because, finally and after a hard work, we can offer to you the very best that we can do developing DecSoft App Builder!

Enjoy DecSoft App Builder! Try it now for free, without any limitation in time nor characteristics, and, if you consider useful to your projects, please, purchase one or more licenses, so we can continue offering to you our best in the future, in the same way than we try to do from almost 20 years now. Thanks very much in advance for your trust and support!