Here is another good sample of application developed by 50/120 comunicacion using DecSoft's App Builder: Domo Electra. This application is made for a famous spanish Youtuber and for their company. The Domo Electra app is also available for iOS. In both platform the app wants to be useful for the Domo Electra users and customers, providing lot of features like the latest news, videos, adverts, store, and many, many more.

I already mention that the Domo Electra app is developed by 50/120 comunicacion, an spanish company which uses DecSoft's App Builder in other projects too, like the safeBonsai app, another DecSoft's App Builder use case. Certainly the team of 50/120 comunicacion made very good projects and we are proud they choose DecSoft's App Builder to develop them.

The main target platforms for this app are Android and iOS. However, thanks to App Builder, and, with the same code base, we can also reach other platforms too, and run the app in all modern desktop and mobile browsers. What you can see below are some screenshots of the app running in an Android device (screenshots are in the spanish language).

App's splash screen

For all supported platforms

Here is the app's start splashscreen.

Random coupons

To be used in the store

Random coupons for the store

The main menu

The app's main menu

We can access the app's views

Blog posts

From the web to the app

The latest Domo Electra's blog posts

Youtube videos

From Youtube to the app

The latest Domo Electra's videos

Company services

Other offered services

The Domo Electra company's services

Contact form

Directly from the app

Receive feedback from the app's users

Useful advises

Company's advises

Demo Electra's advises for users

Maps location

Locate the company

Domo electra's company's location

Maps location

Locate the company

Domo electra's company's location

And more...

Other app's views

Just another app's view

Company's store

Directly from the app

Domo Electra's store in the app

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